Friday, June 13, 2014

Austin Drug & Alcohol Abuse Program's Assessment can help determine if Intervention is necessary, please call if we can help!

Abusing drugs or alcohol is not necessarily the same as being addicted to them. If people are abusing drugs, it is time to to undergo intervention so that they can stop before they become addicted. 
To determine whether or not you or someone you love is already addicted to drugs, you should look for the following symptoms:
  • Increased tolerance, which leads to increased use to feel the same effects
  • The use of drugs to avoid physical symptoms of withdrawal
  • Uncontrolled use of drugs although you planned not to or even though you want to quit
  • A life that seems too focused on finding drugs, using them and recovering from them
  • The abandonment of activities that you used to enjoy so that you can use drugs instead
  • The continuation of drug use in spite of acknowledging that it is hurting you.

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