Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Austin Drug & Alcohol Abuse Program Video

Austin Drug & Alcohol Abuse Program (ADAAP) is dedicated to drug and alcohol rehabilitation solutions that work.  If you find this video thought provoking, please call 512-454-8180 and give us a try, you are worth it!

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The Austin Drug & Alcohol Abuse Program is the rehabilitation center that cares for those who are dealing with substance abuse. Get your life back through our recovery center's 

Effects of Alcoholism on Family and Friends

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  • Alcoholism also has devastating effects on the friends and family of the alcoholic. From sleepless nights worrying, to caregiving and the financial stress, alcoholism can take its toll.
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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Austin Drug & Alcohol Abuse Program can help!

Austin Drug & Alcohol Abuse Program's can Help. 

Stages of Drug Abuse as per the Public health experts usually break up drug abuse into four stages:

Experimental Use
In this stage, the person uses the drug with peers or for recreation.

Regular Use
At this stage, the user changes his or her behavior and uses the drug to fix negative feelings.

Daily Preoccupation/Risky Use
At this point, the user is preoccupied with the drug and does not care about his or her life outside the drug use.

In the dependent stage, the user is not able to face his or her life without using the drug. Financial and personal problems increase. Legal problems occur because the user takes risks to obtain the drug.

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